Monday, December 29, 2014

Waterfront Oakland (The Secret of the Sea, Part IV, Chapter 3)

The Flaneur takes another walk along another waterfront.

Trains and Boats and a Helicopter

Starting at Jack London Square railroad station

In waterfront Oakland 
Trains haul down the middle of the street

Down at the water a sailboat race for kids


Nice older woody at the marina

A quiet place to rest and watch the boats go by

Macho studs of the US Coast Guard

A re-fueling station for their vigilant patrols

Plenty of opportunities to hit the Bay, 
By the hour or by the lifetime

Restaurants with views predominate the Square

Not just the home of the red white and blue


  But welcoming to the flags of many nations

Not just for pleasure craft,
But for utilitarian vessels as well

But facing facts, one acknowledges what really throbs

That is the thrill of it all

A helicopter careens overhead

Elaborate rigging of a tall ship

Just arrived here from Disneyland

Look no sails needed

Train crossing Washington street 
Earplugs are advised

Coot in a sunken boat,
I'm trying to re-locate le bateau ivre of youth

Here comes the noble Potomac
(We await another FDR )


Someone to guide us out of this maze


Two ferries bound for the ballpark in San Francisco
The world series or something like that

Beyond the Ferry landing, 
Municipal rescue vessels

The Sea Wolf

Relief, a floating lighthouse

Beyond the Square

Serene industrial streets
(note anti-terrorist berms)

Equestrian cranes wait quietly

Symbolist cul-de-sac,
A Paul Delvaux nude sleep-walks past

Farther on,
 The Flaneur regards an imposing tower

Railroad tracks lead
Into the Port of Oakland


Christmas Party at the Port

Port of Oakland at sunset
Viewed from West Oakland BART station

I was invited to a party at the Port,
A convivial time laden with good food

My friend is a chaplin here,
He brings Communion
 To the mariners on board ships

A visitor painted this image
Our Lady of the Seas,
I see her like this as well

The International Maritime Center
Located way out on a final strip of land
Exhilarating out here at night

The Evening Star 
Over the Bay at sundown,
Far to the South around Solstice

So far out in the Bay, 
Feels like you're almost in San Francisco

The End
Of Waterfront Oakland

Coming in January:
The Secret of the Sea,
the final chapter



Glenn Ingersoll said...

Looks like a nice walk.

I think the one of the cranes is my favorite perspective on them. They look even more animal-like than usual. Maybe it's the trees beside the warehouse which give them a nature context. Maybe it's the angle; they look like they are on their way somewhere.

RAY MAN said...

thanks for yr appreciation, Glenn... the cranes have been adopted as emblematic of the proud and oaklandish