Thursday, December 11, 2014

Grant Avenue Crawl

Ah the Flaneur savors December in San Francisco.

One finds oneself in the mood
To lift up some ponderous tome
 Unshelved at the Mechanics' Institute Library

 A fine day to kick out of one's pied-a-terre 
in brand new tassled loafers
on a lark, alouette!

Pause to consider a saucy bauble along the way

Seems like there's a Santa hat band on every block,

 It's down to Grant Avenue to lead us today,
 Stylish and svelte

 Shadows fall early on the Chinatown gate 
this Solstice time of the year
Blue umbrellas over Falun Gong live mannikins

 A time to turn inward,
To contemplate polarities

 San Francisco is a splendid
and accommodating spectacle

Adler alley aka Jack Kerouac street
The famous bookstore on the corner of Columbus
Published his Book of Dreams,
They should make a 3-D poster of him too,

 Historical Beatnik district in Italian North Beach,
Gregory Corso was an annoying fixture years ago,
Among the poets who passed through the Trieste

22 December 2013

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