Monday, September 22, 2014

Sci-Fi Mystery Cult Occupies Oakland Catholic Church

In a recent post the Flaneur made reference to a new development that occurred this Summer:
a vacuous mystery religion took over the old Catholic church building on ninth street.

New Breed

This bizarre insignia glows throughout the night. It is not know what religion the group describes itself as being but that cross I'm seeing ain't exactly Christian.
They immediately added the non-stop klieg lights and the fortified wrought iron perimeter, factors which prevent me from getting a better image.

Population 0 whenever I pass by
Why do they seem so stealthy?
Have they got anything to hide?

To Serve Mankind
This is on a food truck that is always parked near the church after nightfall.
It may have nothing to do with the cult whatsoever...
 but it does add a lot to the sort of spooky sensationalism I reaching for

August 2014

St Mary's Church
The Last Day's

Faithful readers will recall images of the church from recent posts: "The Fourth of July in the Twilight Zone" and "Nostalgia for Last Summer." I found few more images in the Flaneur's Subterraneous Archives. 

A place of prayer and veneration for generations past


July 2013

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