Thursday, September 18, 2014


Ron Dellums Federal Building

When day and night reach equilibrium, the Flaneur prowls the urban streetscape. Perambulation to the center of your mind, when both hemispheres briefly balance.
Ron Dellums was among the few righteous US senators ever was, I voted for him every time. He would have had my vote for president as well (way over the current occupant)
Ron looked somewhat ghostly later on, but he never caved-in like all the rest

1. A Day in Summer

Dellums building reflected in the whole Ask building,

Step inside,
Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Rotunda roof,
Siamese bridge

Colored glass accents 
on Western windows

Marble floor
forms a map of colors and light

Fountain in city center plaza

 Cellophane flowers
Newspaper taxis

An Evening in Early Fall

Nostalgia for an idealized past
The Tribune in name still appears
front page same as all mac-clatchity rags

Old order still fronting

Fluted columns in twilight

Dellums at Crepuscule

Strange Angel

Ball Gown
Day and night in equipoise,
the paintings of Rene Magritte

 topmost image: 2013

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followed as the last two images on this nocturnal ambulation)

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