Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Holiday Fairytale

Once Upon a Time...

The Flaneur fell down a rabbit hole on Labor Day---here's what he saw

The Quest

There was ice on Labor Day

A glittering crystal entrance way had appeared
leading to Fairyland
like a wardrobe to Narnia

Fairyland is a nice place to shed some cob webs
To blow away crystal dandelions
(but don't inhale--may contain traces of meth)

Fairyland is the first fantasy-land
and has the oldest puppet theater in the USA
On Halloween the Flaneur buys a trumpet
and on Christmas he gets a drum

Unaccompanied adult Menfolk
 are never admitted to Fairyland,
But the clever Flaneur knows his way in

Book worm got to help a brother, blood

The Flaneur was on his way to see Tum Drum
Who just got a new security system
for his playhouse

The Connection

Tum Drum is an elf
 who was supposed to have mushrooms

His connection is from Hungary
A Wizard named Zev
 learned in all manner of herbs,
 mushrooms, seeds, and buttons,
colour powders and which toads to lick ,

Tum drum and Zev come from Pixieland
which is where all the wee folk live in
Mean old Frisco

They were in Oaktown for a fairy folk festival
Sheila E performed A Love Bizarre,*
Trolls in assless lederhosen weren't invited
There are no dungeons in Children's Fairyland

Coming On Now

After the Flaneur ate the mushrooms

  The world sparkled both inside and out

 Everything started to look beautiful to him

 Familiar people and things started to look unfamiliar

Associations in his mind were unusual, strange
He thought about the time he shaved himself down there

 His surroundings seemed to lurch toward him
with sort of a pelvic thrust

 People seemed to be looking at him in an odd way

 Then the Flaneur came to an earthen maze
He saw a giant four feet wide,
Suddenly he fell down the rabbit's hole

Space Odyssey

The Flaneur went down a long corridor
and entered the Kaleidoscope

A prismatic mirror world
a pulsating colour mosaic

  The Flaneur moved through it
 in an aleatory manner 
outside of time

He woke up in a leafy little house
It was a homey home festooned
with garlic and dry rose buds
The Flaneur had never been there before

Afterward it was back into to the cookie jar,
 Mushrooms set in aspic,
 Daydreams set in amber


At dawn Glenda the White Witch of East Oaktown
Came to the Flaneur's window to invite him to return,
She vanished away with the foggy foggy dew

Fairyland really is the far side of the looking glass,
Mother Goose is everywhere at the Lake nowadays
We walk in what she leaves behind 

The End


1 September 2014
additional images: 2011, 2014

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