Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Note to Readers

If you would like more writing out of Berkeley Flaneur in addition to the various photo-journalistic posts and the Andre-Bretonian photo-poetry posts appearing this year, here then is a short list of very well-visited textual blogs from previous years.

"If We Should Live Up in the Trees"  23 June 2008
"Scary Monsters"   6 September 2009
"Meta-Merzbau"     12 September 2011
"The Fireplace Screen" 31 December 2010
"The Return of the Flaneur" 30 September 2010
"The Shiver of Original Sin" 8 July 2009
"A Christmas Stroll in Chilly San Francisco" 31 December 2008

Readers worldwide keep finding and reading the old posts
-- makes it feel like the effort was well-spent

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