Thursday, September 11, 2014

More Nostalgia for Last Summer

I had found myself in puzzling circumstances
the Bay furnished my great escape

 Summer of 2013 is revisited yet again by the ever-vigilant sage with an epic memory, your Flaneur. It is said that, whatever else bohemia is, it is always yesterday. The same goes for summertime.


 Oakland city of night
with a Necklace of Light

 A city not without its charm

 The night of the day the Supreme Court struck down
 California's discriminatory Proposition 8
a last ray of sunlight on a rainbow flag

 This fellow certainly looked like 
he felt liberated

 Red sails in the sunset,
what would I do without a song?

Feet are big in Oakland

 We take our herbal medicine seriously hereabouts,
federal lawman, watch out

 My ready supplier of chilled bottles of stout
conveniently located near the Ferry landing

 Even Today many have a distorted view of Oakland

  Snowy egrets dig the estuary 
a stone's throw from the highrise skyline

 Christ the Light awaits eternity nearby

Solitude can be very peaceful

And you can always hit a movie

But by all ways and means,
 stay groovy

Summer 2013

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