Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Fourth of July in the Twilight Zone

 A crepuscular stroll in the elongated twilight leads the Flaneur into a neighborhood steeped in enigma.

 What if they gave a patriotic picnic and nobody came ?

 A crepuscular stroll led me past Oakland center
Ask God for mercy, my advice

 I had reached a point not distant from the epicenter

 There was an incongruous country stable
a stone's throw from the dense inner city

 Across from the stable the gate to a striking perplex

 Victorian structures stately and well preserved

 But don't bother ringing the bell

Don't bother to knock,
Nobody is ever at home of an evening

 Around the uplifting fountain
 no one ever strolls

 Welcoming benches go unused,
The harmony of design goes unnoted,
no carriages go byrfrr
and no children ever play

 In Solstice time darkness
 collects under the eaves,
Beneath the lingering sky
evening waits among the leaves

Around the corner the old public library
It posts no hours, no one there is ever seen

 A stolid old church stands firm, a rock of ages
Every sparrow falling, every grain of sand

A small church in the gloaming,
hope for a new day

It's congregation flown,
Vintage Catholic church for sale

A corner turned
some time ago

June 2014

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