Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Circling Angel Island

For nautical diehards the Flaneur's here-- a fast tour of the marine meteorology and topography, and the culture of primeval Angel Island and its environs.

Another day on the Bay, vigorous and glorious.

I took a mid-day ferry to Pier 41,
Had lunch out on a windy node of a nearby dock--
sardines, whole wheat seedy bagel with almond butter, 
broccoli, golden bell, and carrots in cherry balsamic vinegar --
the usual. Oh and a Raven's Eye imperial stout

Then I caught the 3:15 summer weekender back
For the same fare you get a cruise to Angel Island
to pick up the day-trippers bound for Oaktown


I have never set foot there and I never will 
unless it's returned to First Nation people.
A commercial attraction based on human misery it stands


mid-Bay in minutes

The bridge is much closer than it appears in this wide-angle photo.
 Really wild out hear, boat rocking, wind and sea spray,
like riding the "Maid of the Mist" at Niagara Falls

This is where London's The Sea Wolf opens:
A gentleman is returning to SF from Sausalito when the boat sinks
Rescued by the brute Wolf Larsen
only to be shanghaied for a long sea voyage

There's Sausalito 
ant hill that went from square to bohemian and back
Still fun in an kitsch artsy overpriced tourist trap way
the location and the view always astonishing
Mount Tamalpais looks sagely on

San Francisco appears so distant,
wave good-bye

Here's Angel Island facing the Gate

My choice for the most beautiful waters on the Bay

Calmer under the influence of the islands

Around to the harbor
Last year at a picnic table uphill a bit on the right
 as I stood up a deer came bounding downhill toward me
It veered into open space, landing well on the beach below
 bounding off past some young boys
like, wow

There's the marina and the main building on the island.
I left my previous image capture device on a bench there 
It freed me to explore with bothering with photos

Here's where we pull in

The view across the cove-- territories of Marin county

 Showing his daughter how to shuck oysters;
she's avidly interested

I imagine it has looked pretty much like this 
for quite a long time

Always plenty of elbow room on the island
I hiked up along here point last visit

 The farthest point, beyond the sea

San Francisco comes into view

Back into the middle

 Willie Brown fudge-punches Yerba Buena Island

 Adios to Angel Island

Making for home port

 The old Bay bridge disappears
make way for the new

 Everybody's grooving on the water
on a sunny day in July
I savored a fine white peach

 Home again, home again jiggity-jig
last refuge to which a scoundrel clings

 The Secret of the Sea 
Inter-chapter 3

19 July 2014

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