Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Houses of Worship on Automobile Row

Unsustainable cultures leave interesting remnants. Please allow the Flaneur to pump you a few.

My Terraplane came to a halt
at a rooftop parking-lot

Did I just see Kim Novak go by?
 Was that Herrmann's obsessional score
from a passing car?

 Excuse me but,
 I am the door

The circular building across the street
was Biff's coffeeshop-- a Googie survival
  from an age of widespread prosperity

House of worship on Broadway Auto Row

 I neglected to note its denomination
Looks Anglican to me

 I pondered nailing up some theses
Or perhaps, like the poet Arthur Rimbaud,
I could just leave a note

The secular altar

A former synagogue
Refects a former way of life

 Eschatological Reliquary

Come on up to the house

June 2014

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