Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Scratch Papers

Vanishing sky
               the stars go out one by one
oceanic birdbath

23 Jan

Mosque on a side street
           hawk perched on the pinnacle
rain coming at last

23 Jan

Proximate commerant
with fish in gullet
too big to swallow
tries  and tries again
semi-translucent and gold
at last dives below
fish half-swallowed

29 Jan

Old guy empties a container into the drink

flesh inside flops out maybe live
turtles cross my mind, slowly
others in a boat watch him too

probably yet more invasive species
he's johnny bad-appleseed
doing his dystopian part


Tidal flats

 early dragonfly
      jet arrives before its roar
multitudes of sand birds

the wind in the reeds
      sounds like someone's coming
it's only the wind

11 March

I stand up too fast
and the world keeps going
a vertical subway
in the pancaking hotel

Praetorius unpacked a delicate press-kit
insistent the stars tapped on the window
not to be,  not to be

With every step a breathier breath
well met well met
o death to death

the porch light attracts old thoughts
old loves, one old love
larval states of puberty
every year the same vestigial wings
futility is a phylum without individuals
rowboat slowly bumping in lakeville
eros amid the water lily pads
too many white clouds go over
white clouds reflecting in the lake
too many years,  white headstones
white clouds reflecting in one's hair

June 2014

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