Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ray's May Day Weekend

May Day may seem
somewhat licentious
in Berkeley


Another everyday Yantra
heading into Berkeley
on a day of helicoptering
police tension

 Church on Shattuck
varnished and refurbished

What's liberty when
one class starves another?
What chance have we
when Sotheby's is the seller?

Across from the neighborhood
formerly known
for Dorsey's Fish-locker
Flint's smoking ,
Longhaul anarchist drop-in
and the Homeless Action Center

Alt-Right Pricks Attack Berkeley

No worry
that large insect in sky
is a police helicopter
over the disorder
taking place in a park nearby,
Disgraced ex-cops
Vets on meth from Missouri
and other "First Defenders"
are again inciting violence
Fighting words touted as free speech

I joked with a guy my age
"Why don't they stay
in their own hometowns,
they can wave the flag
and say how much
they love Trump"
An alt-rightist nearby replied
"because there are no borders on free speech"

I said I saw the photos of the piles
of weapons you all brought"
The Famers Market was
cancelled because
everyone knew you were
 bringing political violence

Locals  were stuck with he bill
the farmers were stuck
with their loss,
I may have accused him of being
an uneducated fascist
to my own personal regret
Irish temper

I walked through and chastised
some of the overtime pay cops
but I otherwise ignored them

Times are grim  enough
without trouble-makers showing up
to make matters worse

Old Berkeley
antlers and a symbol
of the old rugged cross

Let's lighten up
and love one another
while we can


Anniversary of
the Summer of Love

Getting his freak on
dressing for the Telegraph Avenue
50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love
White is the new black
look at that angel fur
and it's as soft as your old granny's

Combining beatnik, hippie, punk,
grunge and 21st Century geezer
My Chinese robe was hallucinatory

Had a perfect storm
of extra expenses this month
Insomnia after running out of herb,
Laugh if you want but this contraption
nets six joints, four cannabis caramels,
big secular cookie and a few greenbacks,

I was soon delighted to fold up
and dig the best Country Joe set
since I saw him with the original Fish 
Three ace guitarists to play
and a spunky drummer
on a great sound system
Electric Music
for the Mind and Body
one of the greatest LPs
of the Summer of Love
I blew copious smoke as Joe sang
"hey partner,
won't you pass that reefer round"

May God Bless
Country Joe MacDonald
and the Fish

Listening to the Fish
50 years ago at Monterey Pop

Walpurgis Nacht

Hot weather has actually
started to happen
so I'm out after supper
walking down to the Port

2017 Corvette parked outside my pad
Warm weather mania
and displays of luxury

A Coheeba cigar from Habana
Not the first time I've seen
them barely-smoked
 and discarded,
People like the look
choke on the smoke

Into my customary solitude
Biker gang on regular bikes,
new Bohemians I guess
Even have denim jackets
with official "colors"
More showed up
they all had a beverage
then they all swept off

   Emma in sky
at sundown

Guess it's
War all the time

All over again

Never going to Smurf city again?

Smurfs come to Oakland,
in paranoiac posters

I left here and went over to Oakland Metro
to inspect their Gothic demonic posters
Only to have a young Hispanic maniac
start yelling down the street
maybe not at me
and holding up his arms with
middle-fingers extended
But young very angry
and twenty pounds on me,
he was not someone I wished
to occupy a side street with,
It was like he was yelling
at some who drove away
or maybe just the world,
I walked calmly back to Washington
he turned down toward
Jack London cinema,
Just be one more person buggin'

30 April 2017

May Day

The play's the thing

Poofters taunting a bear with feathers

There's the bear now

There's the ring-leader
an odd fellow indeed

Some sort of Anglo-Saxon
fertility rites I suppose

And where was this theatre located?
This reenactment of halcyon Albion?
Shall Actors be the lap dogs
of commerce?

Me thinks
he twirleth his mustache at me
what cheek!

So down to the dispensary
to replenish
then along Dana street

Gut feeling
at First Congregational

Only to come back more sturdy

Speaking of the skeletal...

Saw a familiar face on campus
fortunately he didn't see me

cryptozoa frozen in stone

Down to the shady creek-side
to rolleth a smoke

Struggle relents
an isle of peace

Today's blessing takes the form
of Midnight Indica
blended with an astronomical
AK-47 Sativa

Epiphanic greensward
Long grass in May
how it heals the soul

Onward down through campus
and into town

May Day march
immigration folks in red
outnumbered by police

The long arms of the law

I smell sex and candy,
only I remember that song
modesty prevents them
from pulling the tights
up snug on the booty

Hope that bear
doesn't hear I was looking for him
and come looking for me
tonight when I'm asleep

April-May 2017

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