Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Goof City

Calligraphic entity
8th Street

Lakeside Park garden,

Puzzling giant flora

Spring has blown hot and cold
this green green year
but always delightfully so

The purple rose of legend


Yikes -- look out
a veritable vegetal python

Don't let it get
its point
up you

 Then you become a real plant person
have to be out here at night

 The garden has terrible beauty

Jack London Square,

Crazy about an Airstream trailer

They were giving away
a Tesla automobile
I told the handsome polite kid
I dug the trailer more
was that wrong?

 Bus shelter

Another ride-share
ap-happy camper with a
corporate Amorba tie-in

Around where I
dwell among you

 Everyone has a little
these days

Sign o' the Times
outside my dwelling place

May 2017

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