Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Day on the Bay in May with Ray

Through the looking-glass porthole

It is necessary to travel
Widen the area of consciousness
Escape to San Francisco's waterfront

The new Bay Bridge
The old Eastern span gone at last
Commorants nest on the new one

The WIllie Brown bridge

Don't call it Frisco
San Franciscy
rhymes with whiskey

Bloat pig cruise ships
now dock here
Makes the city seem slutty

for some serious sailing

Oil on water

Ride the turbulence

It's an expanding

A marine mammal's life
can be a lonely lot

But it needn't be

Our harbor seals
are a highly
social animal

Find your crowd
get in where
you fit in

Whatever you choose
freak freely

Look familiar?

A vintage Italian
street car awaits
but I'm a walker

Park you hogs
and work your dogs

A wooden propeller
I think it was from
a Viking shi

Here it is
a beloved National Park
for endangered species

A lot goes on here
small boats are built

First a brief visit
to the visitor center

Lighthouse of the Future

The entire universe
is flashing
off and on

Reminds me of
a quantum clockwork owl
I met on one of my plunges
into inter-dimentionality

Haunting my usual haunts

The Hyde Street Pier

Surrealist object:
Wooden Anchor
Meret Oppenheim, I think

Tall ships
looking fine

The Thayer
refurbished from the bottom
to the top
Le Bateau Noir

A sweet little boy urged
 his Mom down to the water
dipped his toe, shrieked, and ran
I casually walked down and stood
in the surf up to my knees,
I looked over and he was watching me,
Smiles stretched across the beach

The towering
Golden Gate bridge
the Pacific ocean

Three hours after leaving my freezer
still has a shard of ice
oddly shaped and even
resembling perfectly
a fish

Things started to seem
a little distant

Sunlight and motion
sleepiness ensues

I dreamt I was on another
deserted streetcar
not even a driver
I sat down and it started to move
I suppose their like MUNI trains now
they no longer need a driver

Fortunately I awoke again
before my ferry left
Didn't want to have to
spend a night on Alcatraz

Time to get my
tramp steamer afloat

Warm affection for all
the friendly faces I saw

Back through the porthole
into the mirror world

19 May 2017

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