Saturday, May 13, 2017

Open Air

Artsy Berkeley

Hallway at the
Trump Louie

Aleatory images from a wandering life

Reptile with style
Going to ever-stylish

 Or Ill Noir
as we call it

 The mirrored tree

Bears are beloved
in all the places in  California
where they never show up

A lot of gratuitous
flag-waving these days
in olf Berkeley USA

Lawless parking
of construction storage?
Hang a flag on it

Berkeley High drama club
last month it was
The Vagina Monologues

 Ashcan jazz

This is not a mural

It's a digital image
of a wall

 This is Arts Passage
an indoor outdoor gallery
a corridor of art vitrines
en pleine aire

Shadows and reflections
within shadows and reflections
such is the mind's perception

Digital trees
toward Ghost Nature

Bacon and Swiss
digital art exhibits not
really my cup of tea

The house where Wavy lives

Having trouble focusing

 Better hit the road


Lakeside Oakland

 Come a little closer

 The paradox
 of the carnivorous flowers

In my curious research
I've returned to the garden

A peaceful place of refuge
or so it seems
for most visitors

 There's one of the constricting
 flower manifestations
that have me concerned

They are covered in bees
So that God may
bless all His creatures

 They look charming but
don't let it nuzzle you

 Formidably some
stand as tall as the trees

 Or nearly so

this one's bigger than
yon greenhouse

 Almost as big as the house

 Still growing,
will be big as a house

Look it's huge,

So fond farewells foretold
we withdraw
our habeus corpus intact

The entrance stone
in the slanting sun
easily became
a skull

11-12 May 2017

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