Thursday, April 6, 2017

Winter Walk on the Shore

Crown Beach in Winter


 People sightings
are rare

here they come

 They are like
storm troopers

Bunch of honking porkers
they used to be rare
now they cover the earth
with droppings

At least they don't
seem to poop
on the wing

There they go

Around to Crab Cove

My usual avian

'twas in December when days are short

Spaces familiar
 a sparse
wintry feeling

Into town

Watch out
they'll soon be
a taco truck on every corner

 Image capture
the medium is
the massage

 The festive time of year
a bus stop bistro

Human activity on hold
through a glass darkly

Rambling around
the closed-down town

 A motorcycle awaits

Time to
get on my pony
and ride

December 2016

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