Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Garden Cat

Buds are forthcoming roses
animals cop curious poses
So early in the Spring

Clouds dropped me off
on upper Grand Avenue
Piedmontese around here

To an native Yankee like myself
the world of flowers I encountered
on the West Coast is one
 of continual wonder

In California
the flora are in your face

Another green world

I am fond of passages
where no cars go

A girl with red hair
reads a book
under a canopy of green

Premature day for the roses

 I found one bush in bloom
with ecstatically fragrant blossoms

But we are not here for the roses

Not sure it shows but...

I am very
very high

Well, well,
look who's here

Better not wake
my extra-sensory pal

He couldn't care less

Go all Edward Muybridge
on your turkey ass

We were expecting
the Easter Bunny

Despite over-population
on both sides

We are not allowed to eat them
I'll wager that they're as gamey
as an old pole cat

Looking kind of pre-historic
there, archaeopteryx

A mind-expanding
psychedelic biosphere

As if the doors of perception
were cleansed

As if the heart and soul
were opened
to the sky

We are floating,

April 2017

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