Saturday, April 22, 2017

Strolling Oakland: Chinatone to the Warehouse Zone

A walk on a cloudy Saturday last month
a cloudy Saturday just like today

As the crow flies
a bird's eye view
let's see
what I think I saw

 Into China like
a latter-day Marco Polo
 Somewhat gloomy
no one really knows
what goes on here

 Mysteries without solutions
like this quixotic vacant lot
untrampled amid the multitudes

Chinese throw shapes

 Ethnic notional wall paintings
turns out this is a gang headquarters
I snuck up and pounced on them
the pussies

Anti-white privilege
the process where one minority
claims the victimization and response
due to another far more oppressed

 The haunted Oakland Portal
the living are rarely present

The other side of the sculpture
a portal
over the tunnel to Alameda

 A red brick district

 Seen in A Hard Day's Night

 A wall as palimpsest

Around here
even the dogs
drink Guinness

 Nice textures
Couldn't tell if it was a gym
or a place selling gym equipment

Repurposed as housing
and modular biz space

West of the Rockies
Monahan monolith
the best-looking guy
in my high school was a Monahan
He seemed bashful about his good looks

Coin of the real estate realm

 Some guys have necks
thicker than their heads

Jack London Square
train station
end of today's trail

 Two o'clock in the afternoon

18 March 2017

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