Thursday, April 13, 2017

Piedmont Nocturne

Under construction

An unusual  night's pursuit for the Flaneur
in search of exotic victuals
for the mind and body

Would you be my...?

 Simulation of lights spinning
in alcoholic bedroom
(not that I would know)

 The whole world
carved out of mud

 Columns of light
in a restaurant
a spooky effect

Polly want a lawyer
Polly want a lawyer 

 Here comes Peter Cottontail
hopping along the bunny trail

19th Century ghost child
painted on glass
above a haunted mirror

 Fenton's ice cream parlor
ain't been in there in decades
 Look at that kid

 Talking about my generation

don't wake Buddha

He hates it when
his naps are interrupted

Sinewy art modern

Manikins can move at night

 Then they claim that
you're not looking

 Love bundle

Hey it's SAHARA
a Moroccan shop
that closed down on Ashby

When my ship comes in
I'll go all Moroccan

 All creeds are welcome
when rent is due

 Dumb bunnies
make yourself at home

everyone is welcome
even Boy George
on the comeback trail

Her head was in Blade Runner

 All ethnic notions
tolerated here

Exotic curios
of far-off cultures

what have you?

 The fabric of our lives
is vari-colored

is very big
around here

My scene is
located across the street

Did you see Him
in the Garden?

As grim as a cigar store Indian

 Rootin' tootin' cowgirls

In case you think RAY's gone soft

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