Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Yuletude Beat

Noel Noel

A tree of light

Join Yuletide Beatnik Le Flaneur
 for a small world-wind tour
of his favored stomping grounds
attuned to optical effects
of Solstice time

Oakland had a blue blue blue Xmas
the Christmas blues in fact
the deadliest fire in its history
An unsafe warehouse space
used for a music event

From A to B
Alameda to Berkeley

December sky
an all pervading poignancy
as if the universe could combust
into eternity,
remains stable for the moment

Old school forever


Anachronism of Anglophilia
A lingering pretention
Lose the Castro street mustache
and the ruffles
if you want any company, pal

This here's an all-American town
Marilyn in a Santa Claus nightie,
none of this Adam and Steve stuff

We let a girl know
when we're interested
and what we're interested in

We grab life
by the per se

And when girls are scarce

A traditional holiday
wank fest

Lakeside Oakland

Mother of Sorrows
pray for us
Across the way there was a
candlelight vigil
for those who died in the fire
and those who grieve for them

The mystical oaks
why it's called Oakland

Saw a splendid animal
and I looked around and I noticed
there wasn't a zoo

College Avenue
Rockridge to Berkeley

Had a superb Thanksgiving meal here
again this year
nice vibe healthy victuals

Forget what tie
you wear

In America
you are what you drive

The splendors
of College Avenue

Large polychrome Santa Claus
by Jeff Koons, I think
First Nation Santa
a syncretic fertility figure

Sidewalks are a winter wonderland
even without la neige

Elves brings delight
to the young
and the old

New Goddess shrine
downtown Berkeley


More light!

Mountain View cemetery
Winter Solstice

so early on the Solstice
the sun so far South

December 2016

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