Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Oakland Rainy Day Drive-by

Traveling lady
always dressed in white
tell me Mam where'd
you spend last night

The Blues
nothing but a feeling
here's to all the noble
and struggling people
of Oakland

Bodybuilders shy away
from this rainy day

There was just a big fire claiming
36 lives in a converted where-house
a few miles away in this direction,
Young people desperate for a toe-hold
in the SF bay area
packed-in for dangerous living

Tall gal from the vintage store
poses her friends for a photo
modeling sneakers

Piedmont avenue
I see her on bus all over town
dressed in white outfits and heels
and white bags of spare clothes
We've spoken, she was educated
 and charming and like myself
a loner content in her own company

A sprawling new shopping center
mushroomed up where a dormant place
long stood empty
Amid the golf course
 and the graves


undergoing furious


Farther along Pleasant Valley
land reclaimed for organic farming

A quixotic gesture
for survival
against the relentless
automobile traffic

The facades of the past
dissolve in the carbonized
whimsical coral reefs go
the way of the sunken chest

October 2016

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