Friday, December 16, 2016

Train on the Shoreline Prequel

It's a choogling town

Interruption in phone cam image pipe line
leads me to find lost episodes
of the Berkeley Flaneur
never before seen
 on the public screens

Fire men were having a gathering
circling the wagons

I sort of enjoyed
the concept
of this cute little number

The floating light house

Commercial traffic
seemed like this colossal ship
stayed a month

Vast slow-motion flag

The Port in all its glory

The swimming pool
so rarely used

Palm trees and flags
in Jack London Square

Bang bang bang
went the crossing...

Clang clang clang
went my mind

blasting its passing

Calls for some
noise shelter on top
of my silicon ear-plugs

Bus shelter
in a city somewhat
 lawless and proud

Train on the shoreline
just about in my lap

Project XO XO
a perpetual game
of cat-and-mouse

Think I'll go home and
work on building a ship
inside a new bottle

Pad sweet pad

September 2016

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