Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Smoking Oakland: Uptown Tinderbox

Uptown Interzone

Five apartment buildings under construction
suspiciously burned-down recently
Class War commences
when anti-gentrification natives
 bite back

It's called God's Gym

It's right next door
to the macabre
Accordion shop

It is designed to turn
African-American men
into brawny super heroes
Gospel Demi-gods

Inclining  downhill
Archway suggesting a swanky
Automobile world
of the deco past
Note engraved wall text

A funky arts center
the way Oakland has long been
somewhat humble
somewhat for the people
Knew someone who had
 a creative growth
but it was benign

Handmade lupine head
Can the wolf survive?

Mutant cats
can of course
fend for themselves

Oh-oh, it's made out of wood
the vicinity of a massive fire
this week past,
Under construction
probably arson

I happened past that day
when it was burning,
Bulbous police in intersections
Stopped in the Cathedral where
Red Cross volunteers had set up
the whole neighbor was evacuated
there was pronounced peril from
a giant roasted crane

I didn't linger long
at lake Merritt
noxious wood smoke
blew in from the near North
harshing my mellow

Like the residents of Iceland
most inhabitants of this part of Oakland
believe in the existence of elves

 Street art attached
to Telephone ball

So one tries to be philosophical
it's only castles burning

But then there is a huge
wooden superstructure
within a foot of my residence

I face my fate
whatever it may be
and have long ago
made friends with the good people,
the fairy folk of the land


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