Thursday, July 13, 2017

North Pole to Berkland: A Long Walk

RAY Man the Jack Kerouac of the smart phone snap
is experiencing temporary transmission issues
So here is an unpublished exercise in psycho-geography
from November last

Carbonizing the atmosphere
for over two centuries
What ho!

The new normal

Large long-carbonized
flag of the United States

Gone fishing
for polymerized fish

Bullwinkle will help you
make contact with the sun

Ain't it the truth?
Reminds me of a similar declension
in a passage from William S. Burroughs
"I die
You die
We die"

Makes my scrotum ache

We hadn't yet had rain
when these were taken

It was the day after
the presidential election
The fairy folk seemed to
feel sorry for us
mixed with the requisite
Nietzschean schadenfreude


What North America
will look like
if we don't build
a big beautiful wall

Say Good-bye
to Europe, baby

But why worry?

My old neighborhood

Founded but not here
this was last chance Black Baptist
when I lived on Woolsey
Down the street was Flint's
a bar-be-que as painted by Philip Guston
with a chimney like a greasy cigar,
Dorsey's Fish Locker
is closed now too

Let the trees be free

And grow strong
and very tall
if that is their nature

Don't straighten
the crooked gate

Build the front stairs
around the venerable tree

Live a sane life
if you can

Sculpture of a bird
in the bush
A strange marginal park
where I used to go to feel lonely

End of the trail today
a long walk
from the North Pole

November 2016

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