Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Color Theory and the Circular Enigma (The Secret of the Sea, Pt.III, Chap.1)

Return with the Flaneur for a deeper survey of the poetic marvelous made accessible through muralist environments created by Hilaire Hiler at the San Francisco Maritime Museum.

Diving right in
 The surface world recedes

Between the imagination and the greater imagination

Psychedelic avant le mot

Constant metamorphosis

Poseidon's staircase
Predecessor and precedent for Yellow Submarine, Nemo,et al
myriad schools of day-glow fish

Mermaid and menacing clam
a merman (I should turn to be)

Bones of a ancient fish once used as a ship

In corners and interstices, 
analogues of the deep sea
The mystery of the submarine mind

Sudden efflorescence
Hiler used metallic paint
subject to flashes

The splendor of the nearest, farthest-away

Pop Surrealist immersion
 the profound unconscious
in ordinary day light

Tales told by clouds
of fathomless dimensions beneath the sky
beneath the sea


Permission was granted, the key was turned
 I entered the color chamber

Sensations of unfiltered color pulsed 
in an optical illusion of motion

I meditated long and hard on abstract color theory
it all stacked up

I entered a color trance
Synaesthesia came in like a thousand mandolins
Dreams I had as a kid reading Dr Strange comic books
The all-seeing eye of Agamotto

The circular chamber began lifting off


Nobody on the beach seemed to notice

I kept going upward

 I landed on a hillside at Fort Mason
and soon fell into a deep sleep

Something woke me up
I left the last of the sunlight on the hill 
over the mysterious tunnel

Just enough time left
Last boat departs at eight P.M.

I sailed into a theoretical color field

The Moon, the enchanted bridge,
the sunset lights of the East Bay
calling me toward home

May 2014

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