Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Berkeley Kite Festival


Images from last year's trip to build anticipation for this years Kite Fest...
Did you know that the Bay Area can be rather chilly in July?

the wetland preserve 
armada of kites ahead
 in a steady wind

 Attempt to maintain position in the persistent wind

Fresh air and adventure appeal to every generation
The multitude assembled below watches
contests, pageants, and sundry kite legerdemain

Cephalopods command the scene

Strange gods before me

In the aqueous sky
They scrutinize your scrutiny

Pony rides go counter clockwise in time

On rolling hills enthusiasts populate the firmament

Hopping from kite to kite
One can get almost too high

Relax ... breathe deeply...
peak effects are temporary

This little retinal snake sent goosebumps
Perhaps the solid bank of frigid fog had something to do with it
 Berkeley hills completely occluded

They'll be looking for you to join them this year

28 July 2013

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