Monday, May 12, 2014

Save Our Berkeley Post Office Building

We are quite fond of our old Berkeley Post Office building,
 one of the pillars of our community.

Always busy, visited by everyone,
there have recently been festivities on these stairs

It's a hallowed old spooky place
where I keep a post box

They don't always treat the fixtures very well

Box 364  zip 94701
And a glimpse behind the scenes
view from a stairwell

It's a Historic Place and we sort of like it that way, damn it

It represents a dignified history

The stately elevator with its brass door
An illumination of democratic ideals

The wisdom of a town with peaceful traditions
Reflected in the notable WPA-sponsored artwork

BANG! Not anymore, baby.
Remember that stairwell?
Paranoia strikes deep 
always plenty of federal money to squander 
on keeping petty authorities safe from the public

Remember that part about the National Historic Place?

Well, it turns out that the Republicans in Congress would like to eliminate the postal service as we know it. They have imposed impossible pension funds set-asides to further weaken the USPS defenses and forced the sale of real estate in an attempt to comply. Privatization marches on.

Into the situation stepped an opportunistic well-connected investment group spear-headed by the honorable regent of the California University System, Richard Blum. He happens to be the husband of our long-serving Senator Diane Feinstein who seemed to have little problem with the CIA advanced interrogation and surveillance  programs until they included her.
Blum and his cohort are buying  post offices in the high roller real estate markets like Berkeley.

The Berkeley Post Office is yet another front in the relentless depredation of the Plutocracy


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