Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Return to Indian Rock

The Flaneur here provides a mainly visual tour of his recent hike to the old beloved spot. For a written description of the location, see the earlier post, "An Outing at Indian Rock" (April 2011).

To get there I walk up the hill backward
 North Berkeley, Shattuck avenue
A marvelous tunnel on the right

This fountain adorned with jolly bears
Spreads cheerful feeling

Sidewalks abound with tumultuous flowering plants

Ya heard?

Philosophical stairway on Indian Rock

Eschatological warning system
When the sea gets this high it will notify the neighbors

Looking back toward Berkeley, 
distant Oakland

The money shot, not to be vulgar
The land out in the Bay before the bridge
is the Berkeley Marina

Very precipitous rocks, 
Only little kids and athletes climb here

Sweet old cat I met up top--my doppelganger
He digs hiking and the Mass, yoga and ganja too

Yoga babe

That's a lot of sky and sunshine
time to head down the ramp

All the way to the North Berkeley library
My first visit here, nice spot to get out of the sun

10 May 2014

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