Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Secret of the Sea Part One, Chapter One. February Crossing.

Given the chance and the choice, your Flaneur will spend his day on the San Francisco Bay. As intermezzo, an afternoon's picnic on the beach drinking Old Viscosity stout with sardines, I sang Donovan songs and stood for a moment in the icy Bay waters just shy of the gate.

 Wrap-around simulacrum

My mind is on the sky

Approaching the Port of Oakland
 looking back at San Francisco and the bridges

4 February 2014


hemingray 9 said...

Is that the Balclutha? Man, I remember that from when I was a kid. Creeped me out. Dreams of Davey Jones' locker!

RAY MAN said...

Indeed she be the Balclutha

I have many more photos that recall & inhabit Davey Jones' place

if you ever want to scare kids or yr own inner child play "the Boulay Bros." by Bowie in a darkened room