Monday, September 23, 2013

A Message

Hiya E,
Thought of you today, yr observation that Oakland is a tinderbox,
when I saw SF Chron headline -- curfew for under 18-year-olds in Oakland.
They wild.
After the Trayvon verdict it really felt dicey in the streets.
Now Sears & other places are leaving the boards up not replacing windows--adds to the apocalyptic.
And big "Fruitvale" billboards rippled overhead above that as the helicopters remained parked in the sky.
One of the reasons I keep a somewhat scruffy look.
 Hostile teenagers may not respect you but they figure you're a scrub, not enough $ to risk robbing.
Not like the O.cops are hard at work to prevent or catch such activity.
Remember my Mexicali Rose neon photo?.
I ignored them not to attract unwanted attention but right across the street when I took that photo
there were riot-gearish cops just hanging out in case the Police State complex came under attack.
While waiting for you on the street a bus drove past loaded with prisoners, cold iron bound
Yrs, StR