Friday, March 1, 2013

Asteroid Miss, Meteor Hit

The Flaneur recalls the fifteenth of February, in many regards a singular day. A balmy mid-winter day with sparkling sunshine encouraged my adventure by train to the Embarcadero in San Francisco. There I sat out on a pedestrian pier and had lunch. These were random jottings from my perch above the placid bay waters.

wanting someone who does not want you
can be a form of hatred

indigo girl
passes by on the pier
who does not want you?

three or four futuristic sail units
towed by power boats
like slender billboards

perpetual swivel seat
cartoon rocket ship replica
retro pyramid building

bridge tourniquet

appearance of a rolling breaker
perpendicular to shore

there's always someone else in san

three thirty bells toll
four descending
four ascending

jack herrer, grand-daddy purple
even leftover girl scout cookies
too high to go to Mass
(by a long shot)

Port of San Francisco

70 degrees on a calm bay
no large ships
scant traffic
remote sailboats
the ferries come and
are gone
come again
turn around to reverse in quietly

by accident I
saw my butt in the mirror
     last night

15 February 2013