Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Deep Autumn Thoughts

As the early evening descends, the Flaneur inclines toward the crepuscular.

the moon is near
the planet is far
but not as far
as the glistening star

a misty nimbus
      surrounds the orange moon
as solid as glass

a strange fog crept in
      faraway trees are sky bound
turned into half tones

it's somewhat touching
      church bells muffled by rain
ring the wrong number

wan november sun
      over the intersection
hawk on a cable

when I'm in chapel
it's like being by the sea
only it's more vast

deep fall 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012


1. All Hallowed's Eve

black cat naps on stairs
         legs flung over a pumpkin
vintage hallowe'en

2. All Saints Day

old master cloud head
     beyond the bright green parkscape
in timeless quiet

3. All Souls Day

the skull-like moonrise
     lamps the spectral ceiling
stadium of souls

31 October-2 November