Saturday, March 5, 2022

HERE/THERE (Berkeley/Oakland)




What was the use of my having come from Oakland 
it was not natural to have come from there 
yes write about if I like or anything if I like but not there,
there is no there there
Gertrude Stein
in Everybody's Autobioraphy, 1937

An Ambulation
in Oakland
on Mardi Gras
African-American Art Tour

Looking up at edifice & facade
on a walk uptown
A delivery of Clutter
to the comic book store

 Speaks to a bygone way of life

I find an amenable bench
in Latham Square

Facing me a doleful mural
It sort of grew on me 
I prefer primitive to slick

I tend to prefer crude to slick
The BettiOno Foundation
honoring deep-pockets Yoko Ono 
and Betty-Davis funktress
& muse of Bitches Brew
recently deceased


Skeptical Youth

don't get it in your eye
You'll regret it

of Androgyny

Almost home
Broadway and 10th

 An outdoor gallery
nice but I miss the supermarket
that was there

 Shrine to Betty Davis
"he was a big freak"
 she sang of maybe Miles
 1 March 2022
Ash Wednesday 

 Give it up for Lent

Keep a clean nose
Blessings on Lou Reed 
Famous Monster of Filmland
would have been 80 today

2 March 2022 

Strawberry Creek 
Campus Tour


Stoned again
Just come from the Apothecarium

I'm not the only one enjoying
the moist greenery creekside

 Not really a great torrent for early March
We are having some light rain today
oddly enough

Looking back
a difficult habit to break

we glide back toward Nature

Study plant with an unusual flower

Irrepressible life

 Redwoods gather by the river

 Creeks speak

Minimal gardening will suffice

 Ivy will climb the redwood
with infinite patience

 Creek Alley
Looking back 

 All I see 
astonishes me

 Down the old oaken pathway
toward town

is my major
 With a minor in 
Cultural Morphology

There was crow activity 
but it didn't concern me
Swooped away before capture
we welcome in the Spring

 True to my 
Lovecraftian roots

Brining it all back home
some nice HOUSEPLANT
from Berkeley

 First Friday in Lent

First Station of the Cross
Made damn sure that Pilot
washed his hands and sealed is fate

The Bishop's Seat
facing a throne of my own 


Here I am 
I always am

 Making the scene
as one must

 Crucifix in Antiquity

marks the spot
Center aisle to the altar

Holy Water Closet
RAY among The Most High

Each is given his path
In the Book of Rules

 Outside the Cathedral
a multitude of gulls
park on the waters of a gusty day


4 March 2022




Thursday, February 24, 2022

The East Bay Idler




   The East Bay Idler


Pink Moon Quest


Trees in Downtown Berkeley Park
on a crystalline day 


So central and busy
for much of my history in Berkeley
Today it seemed like a forlorn island 
where a few lost souls take refuge

Berkeley high school let out
and things livened a bit
skateboards echoed through the park

Down the Campus Pathway

 The landscape is more becoming
with less gardening going on

A perfect spot for an idle at 4:20 
The air is cool but the sun is strong
and the wind is deflected

Down through campus
familiar sights steaming away 
Despite everything so
irreversibly altered in the past few years

Old arboreal acquaintances 


Among the oakwood trees 
people are still rather scarce

 Iranian restaurant window
glass globe arabesque

Orderly Chinese internet cafe 
Predominant social life in Berkeley
in the 2020s

Everyone is happy
Everyone is laughing 
Pink Moon Indica 31% thc
from Seth Rogen's operation
Just in time for the 50th anniversary
of the release of Nick Drake's album
Pink Moon

 Tiger balming

Doorway in Chinatown
Make-shift cartoons on riot boards 
with a New Year good luck packet attached

Enigmatic vacant lot in Chinatown
No campers ever breach the cyclone fence
Never offered for sale
I'd like to visit its hermetic tranquillity

Formerly rumored to have been 
a nefarious cop bar

Admirable building actually
 with blood on the floor perhaps

 Maybe is just an ordinary place these days

 End point is as usual
The Estuary
Back sail & odd new yellow building
on the Alameda side
& tat bizarre tank-like structure

Cold weather came next day  


In memory of
Betty Davis
Muse of Miles

 Voodoo Mouse



First they came for Basquiat
Look out, Jasper Johns!


Year of the Tiger 
every Chinese person
needs to be one these days
in this fierce locale

No takers at the picnic table this chilly day
a welcome smoke spot nonetheless--
sunshine and little wind

It's good old Old Oakland
in late Winter

Shadows of bare trees 
on 8th Street 
Solitude & mindfullness
on my afternoon walk

Nothing scares me
I live in West Oakland 
(barely West Oakland) 


Ye old matchstick pile
disappeared over New Year
So as industrial as ever
I resume building my mound

 They say, 
get rich or die tryin 
I opted out
Down here again 
dressed for chilly weather

Mount Tamalpais
ever thus

Shadows lengthen
on the Ferry Landing lawn
the urge for going
makes itself felt

 Network of trees and shadows
I move within

I'm guessing

Bookstore window in passing
always on the road

Cold all week
hail stones even
snow on the elevations

February 2022