Sunday, October 30, 2016

Beatnik Halloween V (continued)

Another Day in the East Bay


 Across the street
from my tombe vivant


 Heading out again
to Berkeley


 Eyeball billboard

 To Rockridge

 Dark architectonic


 Firefly ashtrays, goodbye

Skeletal posture

The Devil
reigns in Hell

 Coming to get ya

 A Tale of the Yak

A candy casket
for your
candy skull

 Bringing it all back home

October Sundown

29 October 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Beatnik Hallowe'en V: Extravagant Weekend

The Flaneur can't get enough
of that spooky beatnik stuff


Call the exterminator
William S. Burroughs

 The dead end of town



 Thrift Shop costumery

Get your attention

Black cat vase

Old LP
the great great Hank Williams


Bet a guy 
ends up
wearing this

Grotesque witch

Ties that bind

See you later



Look familiar?

 The Haunted Rectory

The minister lived here 
with his wife,
fire and brimstone

The legend goes
the wife took on
a young lover

is mine
sayeth the lord


The old ones say
he walled-up his rival,
 up in here


The wife disappeared as well
they say he cooked and...
well just an old wives tale
I'm sure

 Ah Sunflower
weary of time

 Guerilla art
with a gentle nature


A wish fulfilled


 What are you banging for?
Can't you see it's closed?

On a magic carpet ride

 Tattoo Parlor

 I'm going to
 go to heaven
in my own skin

 Lydia O Lydia
the tattooed lady
used to know Groucho

 Belly dancer
I hear she's dating 
the snake-charmer

 Fan dancer
Sally Randy

 The redeemer
of a parallel

Tantric tattoos

Metaphysical vapor 

Berkeley may
 appear to be
rather extravagant

 But we watch the World Series
one ghostly game at a time
just like the rest of the Nation

 I bought myself a flask
it reads:
"Tetch of the Crate-chur"

 There's no denying
we are a party town
replete with menacing clowns


 Shop selling love potions, 
hexes, Spanish fly,
and Mickey Finns

 A touch of decadence
of unbridled sensuality


 Where does it all lead?
To perdition and remorse?

27-29 October 2016