Friday, April 29, 2016

Berkeley Arts Today

From the razor-edged fine art
to vernacular forms,
Berkeley leads the art rat pack

Whichever way you tastes lean

Live in California long enough
and you may find yourself
in a few Mexican films noir

Abstract quilt
at the public library

Blue screen effect

 Dennis Hopper
Sat next to him in temple
Allen Ginsberg memorial
 in San Francisco,
Where's Bruce Conner 
he asked me

Utility box green-wash

Falling staple
in birch wood

in film arts

The world is so
if you know
where to look

The Period Approach Movement
Berkeley has long been
a center for early music

Traditional arts
all over town

Oil painting
of an eastern-European
Jewish wedding

Well, it's not
the ten commandments,
Side walk guerilla frieze

Don't forget
to boycott, divest and sanction
to end the military occupation
of Palestine

Another American Civil War?
Troglodytes may love to fight
But we don't let go of

28 April 2016


Thursday, April 28, 2016

For Prince

 Gold threshold in purple clouds,
for Prince

22 April 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Drive-By Mania

On Broadway

The 51 runs right by my baby's door


 The driver is captain of the ship,
He steers through the hazards

 Art Deco masterworks

 A new place to be

 So that's why Jessus
is looking so buff lately

 Always plenty of traffic
on Automobile Row

 The place on the corner
is a cafe where
they let cats
walk all over you

 Former domain
of the American
Automobile Industry

 Cars are a good way
to end up in the...



Another good way
to get a room there
is to eat at 

 A Butchery Restaurant

They slaughter the animal
right at your table

  Hollywood high


I'm going to oogle-map
the entire #12 bus route
 You leave the inner city
for the high streets
of Piedmont

My favorite tuxedo shop
they have a great selection
of colors



White picket fence
on MLK
in Berkeley

April 2016