Friday, October 28, 2016

Litterary Top Ten

Submitted as Sworn Testimony

Shite Liste

1. Barry "the Bore" Gifford
A vicious dog fucking a throw pillow and looking 
over its shoulder with inordinate pride,
Brings a stooge to his frequent ill-attended readings
to laugh and nod at Barry's cleverness 
 when no one else is,
Co-created Creative Arts books
exposed as a vanity-press Ponzi fraud,
The definition of a bore,
A grinning bully in a powder-blue
polyester tuxedo and ruffled shirt

2. Andrew Joron:
Joron will bore and bore on,
Poses as a Surrealist when he is 
a craven bourgeois "Language poet,"
almost entirely unread
Calls him self a communist
while sneering at working people,
 a useful idiot, a snob
a status-seeker, a snitch, a square,
Constant presence at the
sleazy discredited New College scam-o-rama,
Winner of lifetime back-stabbing hypocrite award,
Joron will always be number two on my shit list
 Described in a mag also reviewed for as
"The reigning metaphysician of American Poetry"
A shriveled soul

3. Nelly Cherry:
Voice of a sphincter-strangled gerbil
issuing from stubbly jowls,
With the wretched Jack Hirschman
and the heinous and insane Stephen Swartz, 
 the Three Gruesome Jews of North Beach,
preying on arriving poet wannabes,
Stated he was expecting to receive
 a MacArthur Genius Award
for his New College "professorship"
"A litterateur" Philip Lamantia

4. Jack Foley:
Human whoopee cushion
producing a potted history of the 
Bay Area literary scene
in which he and his mediocre cronies
are deemed big shots,
Does readings where his batty wife
and himself babble at the same time

5. Lawrence Ferlinghetti:
Sour shop-keeper and poet manque
fraud progressive who
routinely cheated his workers out of
 compensation,  rest and dinner breaks,
Once sat in his truck with him
and his son Lorenzo when 
a drunk disturbed stranger came up
to his window and began French-kissing
with him,
Neither his ex-wife Kirby nor
his long-time partner Shig would
 ever set foot in City Lights again,
Senile rotter
 -Jack Kerouac on Lowell radio program

6. David Meltzer:
David Meltzer's pouring flat seltzer,
Sub-mediocre poet and Beat Generation imposter
identified in recent book Hippie, Inc.
as one of the original hippies,
Led the way for subsequent beat imposters:
Hirschman, Waldman, Cherkowski,
Another New College parasite
Senescent mutterer
First spotted schlepping dead stock
at an SF used bookstore in his forties

7. Steve "Baby Dick" Dickison:
A self-parody of pomposity,
Former SPD stale fish-monger
with his snout in the student debt trough
Chicken-hawking young aspiring poets,
A toxic cunt

8. Nancy Joyce Peters:
Ferlinghetti's hench-person
"Bitch Face"- Pamela Mosher via Bob Sherrard
sadistic sister, a twisted black-lister
"A repressive system of one,"
-Nanos Valaoritis

9. Diane di Prima:
Token beat poetess,
Terrible thrice-wandering godess
medieval morality plays--
a termagant,
Co-founded New College scam
only to realize she could browbeat
students from home
and not have to split the take

10. Tom Clark:
Poet and critic from Chicago
with the character and ethics
 of a hardened meth-freak,
Cynical New College faculty,
Once a tall figure on the scene,
 a walking shadow of his bad self

New College was a corrupt "school" on Valencia Street in San Francisco
Until its demise very issue of the defunct Bay Guardian contained
three or four half- page ads for it its "degree programs"
using a progressive veneer to lure in young people
new to the city and at sea as to their future
The head of it named Garber I think
 louche paunchy smug middle-aged
who began propagating the myth that it
was a communal continuation of Aquarian age values
while secretly selling credits to persons overseas
who never attended classes and submitted no work
A series of exposes in the media
accompanied its public loss of accreditation
No tuition refunds were offered


The corpse came back
snagging open readers
at Fort Mason

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