Saturday, November 29, 2014

The First Sunday in Advent

These caverns are numberless
I have flown through them all
In mystagogia
                                   Jerusalem Syndrome
                                          Stephen Ronan


Advent as imagined
in the first of four Roman Catholic churches 
where the Flaneur says his prayers
and receives the Sacraments

   The Cathedral of Christ the Light

These were among my first images captured with a new camera last year. I have been waiting for Advent to post them at last, them like a child awaiting Christmas Day.
All of the images were made the same day except for the above shot added for exposition.


 Oh thee of little faith,
I am immune to your consultations

 Bishop's seat

 Advent wreath on a pedestal in mid aisle

Crucifix and Tree

Organ airs arabesque
Like scented smoke

 On another level

 The Inner Sanctum

 Saint Patrick of Eire
He made Saint Ronan a bishop,
Ronan cursed Sweeney and met Saint Judas on an iceberg,
He evangelized the Scotland,
 His remains are at L'eclise Saint-Ronan de Locronan
Paintings by native son Yves Tanguy
Decorate its Surrealist rectory

 Anteroom in Eternity

 May the Peace of the Lord be with you

 That we will rest with Him in heaven

 And thereby take comfort in this world

December 2013

Monday, November 24, 2014

November Nocturnambulist

Come along if you dare, 
come along if you ain't square...

Close to Home

A game of chance, anyone?

Who doesn't love a flower superstore?

The Mystery of the Neon Barber Pole

The Flaneur sees his reflection and is fulfilled
RAY worked as a land surveyor near Cape Cod in 1978,

An alley near me,

Archimbaldo wreath

 The Nearby Faraway

L'age d'or
The fictional street,

No one's ever there,
What if I tried knocking on the door?

The lights went off,
The light came on,
and no one answered my knocking

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians,
On Christmas tree TV

Remember the poor cats at the Carles
They'll have heat or a chilly night's sleep


 A gloomy, anxious realm under the freeway

 On the border of Hope's final refuge


 Do you like to help people? 
Good cops needed
Do you like to hurt people?
Bad cops always needed

 Police Ass. Lobby

 Cop ATM
Pages fanned at the speed of light
I had future-shock

 Cop shop
Where cops get their Tactical bling 
Taser belt-buckles etcetera

I used this image in an earlier blog,
I just can't be bothered to shoot it again

 The cop lobby,
its immense

 You don't want to enter by this door,
By "STORES"  they mean human beings

Naturally there are remedies,
From the banal...

 To the sublime,

The Berkeley Flaneur hopes that your turkey is stuffed,
With peace, love, and sooooooul, baby

 November 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Biology of the San Francisco Bay (The Secret of the Sea , Pt.IV, Chap.2)

 B  I  O  L  O  G  Y


A broad shallow shelf past Alameda
Deeper water off of San Francisco


In 1968 a chemist on a houseboat in Sausalito
dumped a vat of Purple Haze into the Bay
These crustaceans remain psycho-active to this day,
When acid rock is played near their tank
They dance and have sex

I'm going to grow fins,
And go back into the water again

Fish arrive daily on extra-planetary ships,
Sadly, some are not even edible

Sorry flounder,
We eat you

The mysterious ways of seafood
Take place mostly unobserved,
Right under our nose-plugs

This fish buries its tail in the gravel
In order to better attack the tender bits
of the other fish swimming past

When he does of course,
All hell breaks loose

As a general rule it is fair to say,
Fish are very rude in their behavior



 Prehistoric plant-life abounds in the Bay Area

  A walkway into the Bay in Alameda
Submerged at high tide,

When the tide goes out again
A nutrient-rich film coats the walk

In winter months seeds germinate in it
Surviving the wan sunlight seaweed grows
The entire walk gleams green

 Berkeley Marina
The Flaneur has spent hours,
At rest beneath this whispering pine

Scotch thistle tough enough to grow anywhere,
A cliff over the Pacific

 Hardy flowerettes
Stand-up to the cold fog

Time out of mind
Land's End


An industrious bumble bee works the clover,
A lawn in the Marina right on the Bay


Quail a lovely gentle bird
I have encountered them in the wild
Only due to my quiet, contemplative gait

Vast flocks follow along the shoreline,
They come in waves
Passing this point at a mad velocity

In November
Coots are a dime a dozen

Seagulls you always have with you

 Exquisite snowy egrets fish,
Zen-like in the Oakland estuary

 Cormorants take turns bathing
A seagull looks on suspiciously

 Pelicans, cormorants, and others
Nest on this strange storybook isle

Great blue heron brooding

Almost absurd at times

Perfectly adapted to life
on the San Francisco bay


Elks in great numbers
Once rose up out of the Bay

Apparently at one time 
there were a great many of these  animals around
-- California smilodons

California Sea Lions
Were land-loving dog-bears
long ago

Whales inhabited the wide waters of the Bay,
Today they appear only  when
their geo-location instinct goes awry

Spaniards are said to have brought the first horses

Sometimes non-native animals
fare better than the local critters,
In cypress trees by the sea

Human Beings

Unlimited consciousness,
emotion and sensitivity,
Swims in the sunset,

Crab Cove, Crown Beach in Alameda
Lake Merritt, Oakland
Cordonices park, Berkeley Marina, UC Berkeley
Pier 39, Maritime park, Land's End, and Zoo
in San Francisco