Friday, December 27, 2013

Miscellaneous Miracles

The Flaneur salutes his luminous lecteurs with some bijoux from the numinous notebook.

Mislabeled bats
show up and eat the cat's food
the cat doesn't like it
but is afraid of the bat's place
in the hallowe'en hierarchy

haunted by my father's death
I grew to cherish hauntedness

a long line of geese
     over a line of kayaks
subtle migrations

Coral forms over my eyes
until I'm walking around with
fish bowl sea horse eyebrow castles

all of this builds and builds
until I'm left with a dime store
mount rushmore on my shoulders

Cold Mount Diablo

foothills like ponies
     in the palomino earth
ghostly moon of bone

To thine own self be weird

Solstice 2013